Meet AIVA — Your Own Pet Business AI Virtual Assistant Who Nurtures, Supports and Onboards Dream Clients 24/7 While You Care For Pets

While you are away from your desk, AIVA will be working tirelessly in your business:

  1. Ensuring real-time conversational transactions with potential clients. She will tirelessly handle common queries, provide information 24/7, even assisting in scheduling appointments or making purchases
  2. Generating relationships with and providing support to potential clients, providing accurate answers to the same questions over and over, so you don’t have to
  3. Assisting customers in booking appointments, reducing the likelihood of missed opportunities due to delayed responses. AIVA improves efficiency by automating your onboarding process, supporting visitors from arrival to sign-up for your services
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of customers purchase from the vendor that responds first
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percent higher conversions if you answer within one minute
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more effective to respond within five minutes than after 30 minutes

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less likely to qualify a lead after five minutes has passed with no contact

Get a Competitive Edge By Having an AI Virtual Assistant from BarkDesk Working Tirelessly in Your Business, 24/7

While your growing competition is out on location missing enquires while they care for pets, you will have AIVA working for you for a fraction of the cost of a human VA.

While AIVA from BarkDesk is working tirelessly for you, your competition will be missing out on enquiries because:

Their competition (like you) are adopting AI technology to stay competitive

Customer support is unavailable while they care for pets, or outside of business hours

They are doing business in a  fast-paced world, where apps can have a pet care provider to a client’s door in minutes

Potential customers that are spoilt for choice can’t find the information they need quickly, so they leave in frustration

Their appointment scheduling and onboarding is a manual and time-consuming process

Without instant responses and guidance, customers become frustrated, leading to a negative perception of their business

AIVA Will Help Turn Visitors into Leads on Autopilot, While You Are Out Caring for Pets

We will set you up with a custom AI Bot specifically trained to engage and develop a relationship with your potential clients.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Full customisation and training of AIVA so she responds to questions about your business in real time like a human VA
  2. A custom created graphic that suits your business and first name that’s fitting to your needs
  3. A series of questions designed to capture the data of your visitors
  4. Colour and dialogue designed to match your brand aesthetic and tone

And we do all of this for one low monthly fee – with no contract or lock-in. Cancel any time you choose.

Hey, I'm Lesley, Founder of BarkDesk!

It’s so nice to virtually meet you!

During the day I run a dog adventure company here in New Zealand. I take small groups of dogs out for the time of their lives while their owners are at work.

As I’m sure you’re aware, when you’re negotiating interactions between a group of dogs and their surroundings on location, it’s impossible to take calls or follow up on enquiries. That means I need to wait until the afternoon to get back to any questions website visitors may have. By this time, some of my potential clients had found a place on the crew of one of my competitors.

About 6 months ago, I installed a chatbot I named AIVA on my company website. She was an absolute game changer for my business. She’s friendly and empathetic towards my website visitors. She answers all the same questions tirelessly. Once visitors have all the information they need to make a buying decision, AIVA moves them on to next steps in my onboarding process. It was like employing a full-time VA to monitor enquiries on my website. I now have a waiting list for my adventures.

I am so sure AIVA will be as much use to your business, I bought the rights to the code. Please reach out to me to claim your free demo and I will set AIVA up on your website completely free for a limited time.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Click the button on the right to test the responses on one of our templates. I’m sure you will see how much time, money and effort AIVA will save you.

Looking forward to hearing from you to set up your demo! 

Lesley Huntley
VIPets Dog Walking Adventures

Examples of Real Life Interactions With AIVA at VIPets Dog Walking Adventures

Intelligent Answers Based on Input

User: How do I schedule walks?

Bot: To schedule walks with VIPets Dog Walking Adventures, you can use the Time to Pet scheduling software. It’s specifically designed for pet care providers like Lesley. This system helps streamline the process and ensures that all visits and walks are efficiently scheduled. If you have any specific preferences or requirements, you can discuss them with Lesley during your initial meet and greet session.

User: How is my data kept safe on this software?

Bot: The Time to Pet software is designed to safeguard client information and ensure privacy. Phones containing client data are required to be secured with a password, fingerprint, or facial recognition. This adds an extra layer of protection in case of loss or theft. Additionally, keys are kept in lockboxes and at the office to prevent unauthorized access. VIPets takes data security seriously to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

User: Do you have a contract that outlines your terms and conditions?

Bot: Yes, John, Lesley has a comprehensive manual that outlines every aspect of her services, including detailed terms and conditions. This ensures a consistent standard of service that you can expect from VIPets. The manual covers all the information you may need about the running of the business, providing transparency and clarity in the services offered.


User: How do I work towards being an employee?

Bot: To become an employee at VIPets Dog walking Adventures, you can start by reaching out to Lesley Huntley directly. Express your interest in joining the team and inquire about any potential opportunities. Lesley may have specific requirements or training that she looks for in employees, so being proactive and showing your enthusiasm for working with animals can be a great first step. Good luck, Tracy!


User: I once had a dog walker who said they were taking my dog out but sometimes they wouldn’t show up when they were supposed to. How do I know you will be there when you say you will?

Bot: Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear that happened with your previous dog walker. With VIPets, you can have peace of mind knowing that Lesley is a full-time professional pet sitter and dog walker. Being dedicated to her business, she ensures reliability and accountability in her services. VIPets uses tracking software to provide real-time updates, including a map and photos of the outing, directly to your inbox after each visit. This transparency allows you to stay informed and confident that your pet is well taken care of. VIPets prioritises your pet’s well-being and also your peace of mind.

User: Just to be sure, can I meet you before you take my dog out?

Bot: Absolutely, Sarah! Lesley at VIPets offers a free meet and greet session. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet her in person, ask any questions you may have, and assess if she is the right fit for your furry family member. During this meeting, you can discuss your dog’s needs and behavior, ensuring that both you and your pet feel comfortable and confident before any outings.

Quick Answers

User: Do you have a waiting list?

Bot: Yes, Jane, currently, VIPets Dog Walking Adventures in Christchurch has a waiting list. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

User: Could you ask Lesley to add my name and email to the waiting list?

Bot: Of course, Jane! I will let VIPets Dog Walking Adventures know to add your name and email address to their waiting list.

User: Thank you!

Bot: You’re welcome, Jane! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

Sign Up Today and You Will Also Receive These Bonuses

The Pet Biz Playbook
(Valued at $197)

The Pet Biz Playbook will help you discover your brand voice and clearly define your ideal client so we can train AIVA to connect on an emotional level.

Pet Business Welcome Template
(Valued at $27)

AIVA will offer this to ensure potential customers receive all information they need to stop contacting your competitors and make the decision to work with you.

Ongoing Support
(Valued at $47 per month)

Join our free Facebook group for ongoing support with your design, marketing, social media and all things running a pet business in 2024 and beyond.

Download the AI Content Blueprint

Harness the power of social media to ensure a steady flow of traffic to your website. AIVA will do the rest, converting visitors into clients and onboarding them into your business.

The AI Content Blueprint will show you how ChatGPT can help you create content that increases visibility, builds credibility, fosters engagement, and ultimately grows your brand and customer base.

In this free download you will learn:

  1. How to create a social media content calendar completely free with ChatGPT
  2. How to train ChatGPT to write like you
  3. Optimizing content for engagement and SEO
  4. How to provide clear prompts for content generation
  5. How to create a social media content calendar template
  6. Organizing & scheduling your social media content
  7. Create social media graphics for free with Canva, and so much more.

Ok, I'm In. What Happens Now?

Sweet! Here's what you can expect when you claim your free trial...



We will set up your AI Virtual Assistant, give them a name of your choosing, create a graphic you are happy with and send a link to where you can view



Try AIVA out on a development domain to see how well she converts visitors into customers, saving you time, money and stress by automating menial tasks



Once you are totally happy with the training AIVA has received on your business, we will install her on your website to engage and support clients, 24 hours a day

Still Have Questions?

BarkDesk is powered by ChatGPT – a natural language processing engine. ChatGPT is a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) model developed by OpenAI. It’s designed to understand and generate human-like text based on the input it receives. In essence, ChatGPT is a chatbot that can engage in conversations, answer questions, and provide assistance across a wide range of topics.

No company can offer a service that is 100% safe, but we do everything we can to ensure the safety and security of your information and that of your visitors. Please see our TOS and Privacy Policy for more information.

As we are pet business owners ourselves, we have purposely kept costs as low as possible. Depending on your cost of services, in many cases, 1-2 extra visits per month would cover the monthly fees of having BarkDesk converting visitors into customers 24/7

BarkDesk was born due to the incredible success we had installing a ChatBot on our pet business website. It is for this reason we bought the rights to this Chatbot and have been beta testing it this past few months. As we a part of this industry and know how much this can help, it is for these reasons we only work with pet business owners.

No. You can cancel the service at any time you wish.

Yes, definitely. We are committed to your success. There is a Facebook group you are welcome to join to ask the community questions or you can email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

At the moment, the setup fee is only $495 (currently free) and there is only one simple plan that we feel suits most small pet business owners. This is $47 per month (with the first month currently free). Depending on your service costs, this should be covered by just 1-2 visits to have a VA working in your business, 24/7, every day of the month

Simply reach out and let us know, we will uninstall BarkDesk from your site, no questions asked

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No hidden costs, ever. Cancel at any time.

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