The Pet Brand Blueprint.

What if You Had Everything You Needed to Create a Stunning Pet Brand that Connects With Your Ideal Client, Enhances Your Credibility and Gives You a Competitive Edge in an Increasingly Crowded Market?

Have your branding done in as little as the next 60 minutes, without the enormous development cost, or trying to go it alone while continuing to attract clients that don’t align with your values or appreciate your worth

Stand Out As Market Leader

Stand apart from your growing competition and position yourself as a premium service

Attract the Dream Clients You Deserve

Laser focus your marketing to attract only clients who appreciate you and happily pay you for your skills

Charge What You're Worth

Make more while working less so you have more time for rest, relaxation and regeneration

How Much is Your Current Branding Costing You?

Most pet business owners don’t really understand the value a strong brand identity offers. Your branding is so much more than a logo, your business mark is just the tip of the iceberg. Your brand conveys the very essence of your business. It encompasses everything you do. Signs you have a weak pet brand (or no branding at all) include…

You’re attracting clients you have nothing in common with, who don’t share your vision and/or values

The clients you do want to work with make snap judgements about your design and leave your website without taking action

You’re constantly needing to compete on price as clients don’t understand your worth

You’re attracting unappreciative, difficult clients who don’t respect you or your skills

Your social media and marketing campaigns are inefficient and lack engagement

Clients are constantly looking elsewhere for better deals or trying to undercut your prices

Introducing: The Pet Brand Blueprint

Everything you need to build a beautiful brand you can’t stop staring at. One that reinforces your messaging and values. A brand that speaks directly to the ideal clients who respect you enough to pay you what you’re worth and sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

  • Choose from any of our beautiful semi-custom brands that you can edit in for free in Canva to create a beautiful brand that perfectly suits your business messaging
  • 3 different logotypes you can edit to create a main logo, alternative and submark that can be used on print materials, social media and more
  • 6 social media icons that you can easily change the colour and style for use on your website
  • Choose from our brand adjectives which help frame decisions around your colour choice and font styles, through to your visual aesthetic and brand tone
  • A professionally constructed colour palette to help increase brand recognition
  • Hundreds of free font examples you can pair to get the exact look you desire for your website and print marketing
  • Free Canva photos and textures you can mix and match for the perfect mood board to create a visual representation of the direction you wish to take with your pet business branding

Life After the Pet Brand Blueprint Looks Like:

You’ll have a beautiful logo that validates your professionalism and communicates your worth

You have clearly defined your ideal client and are able to connect on an emotional level

Your business stands out as one that is legitimate, credible and established, differentiating you from your competition

You are attracting dream clients who are using your service regularly and would never dream of looking elsewhere

Your business looks organised, trustworthy and professional, allowing you to charge premium prices for your services

Clients can count on consistency from you in your marketing so they know what to expect from you, building a sense of trust

You have built a strong foundation for your business based on your unique vision and clear goals, keeping you accountable and on track with your actions

Your employees will feel like they are involved in something bigger than themselves, their work has deep meaning and they are making an impact on the world

Let's Dive a Little Deeper into the Pet Brand Blueprint

Everything you need to finally have the professional pet brand you deserve, one that sets you apart and has your competitors wondering how you were suddenly so successful

Here's what you get

#1: The Pet Brand Blueprint Brand Board

(Valued at $297)

All you need to design and create a beautiful brand in Canva that validates your professionalism and communicates your worth:

  • A professional branding board with 3 logo options, one main logo and two submarks
  • A professionally created colour palette to set the tone for your brand and increase client recognition
  • A font pairing example you can mix and match to best represent your brand voice and personality
  • Extra elements to complete your professional look, like social media icons, photos and textures
  • And more

#2: The Pet Brand Blueprint Playbook

(Valued at $197)

The Pet Brand Blueprint Playbook will teach you all you need to know to build a beautiful, authentic brand that sets you apart from your competition.

This guide contains:

  • A complete guide to choosing the colours you feel best represents your business personality
  • How to choose and edit fonts that best represent your business mood
  • A step-by-step guide to editing all elements of the Pet Brand Blueprint, including the Brand Boards, colour palettes, mood boards and more

#3: The Pet Brand Builder

This pet brand builder board will help you go one step further if you wish to take a little more control of the creation of your brand personality. 

This board will help you develop your brand by giving you:

  • Space to explore your font pairings so you can put together the ultimate combination to best represent your business personality
  • A mood board to collect photos, textures and colours that resonate with you to help build your brand
  • A colour palette builder you can use to experiment with colours from the images that most resonate with you

(Valued at $47)

#4: 25 Bonus Colour Palettes

(Valued at $297)

These professionally designed colour palettes are editable in Canva and will help you connect with the exact audience you wish to attract.

These bonus boards will help you:

  • Build a beautiful colour palette to keep your brand consistent across all platforms
  • Start building brand recognition that helps your ideal client know, like and trust you
  • Build authority with a brand aesthetic that’s visually appealing and looks professional and trustworthy

Sign Up Today and You Will Also Receive These Bonuses

The Pet Brand Playbook (Valued at $197)

Creating a beautiful brand that connects with pet owners requires understanding their needs, pain points, and interests. The Pet Brand Playbook will help you clearly define your ideal client which will enable you to connect on an emotional level.

Professional Brand Guidelines Template (Valued at $47)

Once you have crafted and clarified your messaging, ensure all professionals you work with adhere to your brand guidelines and everyone in your company (including you) knows your direction and purpose

Ongoing Pet Business Support (Valued at $47 per month)

Join our free Facebook group for ongoing support with your design, marketing, social media and all things running a pet business in 2024 and beyond. On #FreebieFriday you can grab valuable downloads you won’t find anywhere else.

Ok Lesley, I'm In. What Happens Now?

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Select and purchase your logo from our store. You will get immediate access to a download guide with next steps.


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You will be taken straight to a member’s only portal where the Pet Brand Blueprint is delivered in course format



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Complete Satisfaction or Your Money Back

I want you to be completely thrilled with your purchase of the Pet Brand Blueprint. If you’re not, please simply send an email to and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

However, I want the Pet Brand Blueprint to be the very best it can be, so if you’re not satisfied, I would love it if you would work with me to ensure your complete happiness. Please give me the chance to customise the product to your exact needs. If you’re still not satisfied, I will refund you ASAP.

Still Have Questions?

All the elements of the Pet Brand Blueprint are editable in Canva, an online design tool that is super intuitive and so easy, even a complete beginner can use it. 

Yes definitely, there is a Facebook group you are welcome to join to ask the community questions or you can email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. There are also weekly support meetings where you can ask any questions about anything provided at Pet Biz BluePrints.

A Canva Pro subscription is recommended for editing, design and stock photography but this is not essential. The free version will work for editing the brand boards and bonuses.

We offer a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. However, we want the Pet Brand Blueprint to be everythine you need it to be so if there is anything at all you would like added, please let us know and we will do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction.

No template logo is able to be registered as a trademark as this could cause confusion. You are only able to register a business mark that is 100% uniquely created for your business.

This will still be an incredibly valuable resource as the course contains everything you need to create a beautiful, cohesive brand that speaks directly to your ideal client.

You may use the templates and the course materials to create a stunning pet brand for your own business. You may not use it to create logos for other businesses. 

As soon as you complete your purchase you will get immediate access to the course materials.

Hey There, I'm Lesley!

My day job is running a Dog Adventure company here in beautiful New Zealand. While my pet care business has had its ups and downs in the past 8 years, three things kept me going:

  • I’ve always attracted amazing clients that love me and refer me to anyone who will listen
  • I’ve always been able to offer my services at a premium price point
  • I’ve always had a waiting list while charging twice as much.

I know I owe this success mainly to:

  • Premium branding
  • A professional website with great search engine optimisation
  • Email marketing

The pet brand blueprint was created to help pet business owners create premium branding, at a reasonable cost and in the shortest time. I’m passionate about helping you achieve this same success!

The Pet Brand Blueprint

Finally have that beautiful, professional brand that sets you apart from your competition and shows you to be a legitimate, credible, trustworthy business.

And for a limited time you can save $170 on the regular price.

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