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You're a Pet Business Owner Looking for a New and Exciting Way to Attract and Seamlessly Onboard Dream Clients Automatically, While You Are Out Doing What You Do Best

Petpreneur, We Got You With That

Start attracting clients that appreciate your skills, sing your praises and pay what you deserve without a second thought.

Do what you love and still earn what you’re worth without missing any more milestones with friends and family.

From: Lesley Huntley
Christchurch, New Zealand

Yes, it’s true.

Now there’s a way to seamlessly onboard only the dreamiest clients by magnetically drawing them into your world, introducing them to your services and getting them *very* excited about working with you (all while you’re away from your desk).

It’s called the Direct Onboarding & Growth System (DOGS), and it’s different from anything you’ve seen before.

And as you’ll see, DOGS eliminates price shoppers, tyre kickers and difficult clients from your universe completely.

This system only onboards people with pets you truly wish to work with.

The people who are absolutely chomping at the bit to become clients.

The ones who see you as the best possible fit for their pets and don’t want to talk to anyone else. 

And best of all, you won’t have to spend months learning website design or years working towards a marketing degree. We set the whole system up up for you, so even if you are hopeless at copywriting and your graphic design ability is limited to pasting cliparts in Word, you too can start attracting clients who love you, with pets you adore.

So get ready to start onboarding dream clients now.

DOGS is a multi-faceted approach to making the leap from burnt-out business owner to premium pet care provider

Review and refine current services then set income goals to exceed, develop a beautiful, cohesive brand and website you absolutely love, then set up systems to attract only the people with pets you truly wish to work with.

All designed to work seamlessly for you on autopilot, while you are out doing what you do best.

Petpreneur, I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed with all it takes to be a pet business owner. I know the burden of responsibility, anxiety and exhaustion of trying to be everything yourself

I’ve been right to the brink of burnout from working 364 days a year as a pet sitter and dog walker for 6 years straight. Whenever I would schedule a day off, I would find it impossible to say no to client requests and always end up finding a way to accommodate them. I would cancel weekends away, rearrange plans with friends, fail to show up to family gatherings and break promises to my children.

I felt like my business had stagnated and if I didn’t do something, this would go on forever. I would have to give up on my dream business that I had once loved.

I knew something had to give

After my sixth year in a row working right through the Christmas break doing 16 visits a day, I knew I couldn’t go on like this. I took a step back and reassessed my entire business. I dropped the services that were no longer working for me. I doubled the prices on the ones that were. I overhauled my branding and redesigned my website. I put systems in place to only onboard premium clients with pets I loved.

Last Christmas I took 3 weeks off and went camping with my children. I felt lighter, freer, more energised and happier in my life and business than I had in years.

I named this complete pet business marketing strategy the Direct Onboarding & Growth System (DOGS). 

I have now made everything I have learned, developed and worked on available to you.

Here is What Your Life Will Look Like After DOGS

  • You’ve streamlined your services and added at least one premium package to immediately increase revenue moving forward. This will not only ensure increased profits in the short term, it supports an easy transition from business owner to employer when it’s time to hire.
  • We’ve established a professional website and premium brand identity that speaks directly to your ideal client.
  • You have multiple website traffic streams set up to ensure a steady flow of potential clients into your business. 
  • We set you up with a calendar full of ideas for shareable content to ensure you are seen as an authority and the go-to expert in your chosen field.
  • You are able to sell your services without “selling” as potential clients have their hearts set on working with you before they even talk to you.
  • Your pet business is set up right from the start to support the lifestyle you always dreamed of, now and in the future.
Success Stories

So how does DOGS work?

DOGS (Direct Onboarding & Growth System) is a complete strategy that is in-depth and ongoing to turn your current situation into your dream business. If you are just starting out, know you will be setting the stage for personal and financial success from the get-go. 

Here's what you can expect to happen

Step One: We'll Jump On a Call and Strategise

Together we'll...

Review and Refine Your Current Business

(Worth $295)

  • Define your target audience to make it easier for you to address and solve the specific concerns your potential clients have around working with you.
  • Define what your business stands for and explore what you wish to achieve in the future.
  • Take a long hard look at your current services to see if everything still works for you.
  • Look at ways you can introduce premium add-ons so you can generate extra income ASAP.
  • Set income goals for the next 6 months to a year and develop strategies to exceed them.
  • Look at ways you can automate some of the tasks you are currently doing manually to instantly free up your time.
  • Look at where you can set firmer boundaries with clients to avoid burning out.

Step Two: Build a Beautiful Brand you Love

Then we'll...

Develop a Custom Brand Identity

(Worth $1495)

  • Use all we learned in our coaching call to clarify your brand messaging. 
  • Develop a beautiful, cohesive brand that speaks directly to your ideal client and reinforces your values and messaging.
  • Develop a custom logo that is the perfect representation of your business’ personality and the visual identity that inspires confidence in your professional services. 
  • Create custom sub-marks for use on social media platforms and anywhere else a different logo style would fit better.

Step Three: Build the Website of Your Dreams

Next we'll...

Create a High-Converting Website

(Worth $3995)

  • Create a stunning, professional, custom website.
  • Set up a beautiful, branded experience to introduce your dream clients to your services, keeping them engaged and encouraging them to move along into the first step of working with you.
  • Keyword optimise every page for the phrases you wish to be found for in Google.
  • Create compelling content that answers that visitor’s search engine query and starts them moving through your sales funnel.
  • And more.

Step Four: Turn Visitors into Raving Fans

This is where the magic really begins. We will encourage potential clients to make a series of micro-commitments with you, so they become invested and unlikely to continue their search for your services.

Most designers will stop at step three of the process. We’ll set up systems that help ensure the search for your services is over once potential clients land on your website.

So Next We'll...

Optimise Your Conversion Strategy

(Worth $1995)

  • Help you create a valuable piece of content (your lead magnet) to effortlessly build your audience. We’ll also set up the delivery software and website pages for your lead magnet to be downloaded from.
  • Create a branded welcome document that visitors are redirected to after submitting your form. This introduces you and your team and answers most questions visitors have without needing to speak to you straight away.
  • Set up systems so visitors can automatically schedule a call, make a booking or move into the next steps of doing business with you. 
  • Set up direct messaging (if your schedule allows) so visitors can get down to business right away.

Step Five: Help Ensure Future Fans Find You

There really is no point in going through all the steps above to build something beautiful, only to have tumbleweed blow through.

In the final step of the Direct Onboarding & Growth System (DOGS), we will set you up with a local marketing strategy to help ensure a steady stream of visitors to your brand new website.

Finally we'll...

Develop a Personalised Marketing Strategy

(Worth $1995)

  • Help you create a highly optimised local listing that appears above the search results in Google.
  • Update your social media pages with your beautiful new branding and optimise them all for local searches.
  • Provide branded posts for you to schedule in advance, freeing up your time.
  • Develop a content marketing strategy to answer common questions potential clients are asking search engines in your local area.
  • Set up systems to encourage satisfied clients to leave glowing reviews ensuring positive social proof everywhere you’re found.
  • And so, so much more.
Success Story

“I just wanted to say thank you Lesley, for all the amazing work you have done. Having you create our website and branding has been the best decision we could have made"

We have only been up for a week and already we are receiving enquiries because the SEO is built in and already working… amazing!

The service we have received has been nothing short of exceptional; timely responses, quick action, clear communication and quick uptake of concepts and requests. I could not recommend you more highly and will make sure we send anyone who needs work on their web or a new website to contact you first.

Thanks again!


Ok Lesley, I'm In. What Happens Now?

Sweet! Here's what you can expect when you buy...


Reach Out

Send us a message via our contact page, you’ll be immediately redirected to our Pet Brand Playbook download



Download and fill in our Pet Brand Playbook so we have an idea of what you wish to achieve on your call with us.


Book a Call

Book a call to can go over your Pet Brand Playbook so we can start helping you build the business of your dreams

DOGS will transform your business into what you always envisioned, without the long hours, overwhelm and exhaustion caused by trying to do and be everything yourself.

All while you care for the pets you love (or rest and rejuvenate, relax with friends and family or *gasp…* actually go on holiday yourself).

DOGS is the only system you will ever need to make the leap from burnt-out business owner to premium pet care provider.

And for a limited time you can save $2000 on the regular price.

Total Value: $9,775.00

Usually $6,995.00

Today's Price: $4995

Success Story

"When I came across Lesley's work I knew I had found the perfect match for my new website."

Lesley’s vast set of skills (graphic design, photography, logos, website and social media design, to name a few) combined with her intuitive aesthetic sense and marketing expertise resulted in a website, logo and brand I couldn’t be happier with.

I would highly recommend her services.


Still Have Questions?

I would love to connect with you to answer anything you wish to ask about the Direct Onboarding & Growth System.

Please reach out to me on and I’d be happy to help.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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