Attract, Nurture and Turn Dream Clients into Raving Fans with a Beautiful, Professionally Written Newsletter

We create pet industry newsletters that are captivating, engaging, get opened and shared. For a limited time, there’s no sign up fee, and get your first month for $1!

Enhance Business Credibility

Build Relationships

Sell Without "Selling"

Stand Out from the Crowd

You Understand the Importance of a Newsletter to Drive Repeat Business and Skyrocket Customer Loyalty, but...

You’ve tried sending a newsletter, but got discouraged due to lack of engagement or clear results

You don’t have the time or energy to create fresh, engaging content to send out to your current list

You’re hesitant to start your own newsletter as you worry you won’t be able to keep up with creating valuable content every month

You don’t have the resources to pay a designer to set up a beautiful template or a writer to create captivating content

You don’t have a clear strategy or understanding of how to use newsletters effectively

You worry you won’t be able to attract enough subscribers to make a newsletter worthwhile

You’re not sure how to build a list so its hard to justify the time it takes to send out a newsletter to such a small audience

You find autoresponder software complicated and never know if you are achieving the desired results with your newsletter

With the Pet Care Pro Report, We Research, Write, Format and Send Captivating Newsletters to Your Audience

Most pet business owners are so drained in the evenings after caring for pets all day, they don’t have the time or energy to spend hours more attracting, nurturing and following up with ideal clients. Let us take the stress out of email marketing so you can:

Showcase Your Expertise

By providing valuable information, you position yourself as an authority and trusted resource

Upsell Existing Clients

Drive repeat business by rewarding loyal customers with upsells and premium options

Enhance Your Brand Image

A well designed and written newsletter will help prove your business is legitimate, credible and established

Let Us Take One More Item Off Your To-Do List

We create heartwarming pet industry newsletters that resonate with your ideal clients on an emotional level. Our engaging content builds trust and sparks connections, turning casual browsers into passionate advocates for your business.

Our expert-crafted pet industry newsletters ignite client engagement, fostering relationships with ideal customers. We handle the email marketing, so you can focus on what you do best – caring for pets. 

Sign up today and for a limited time, your first month is free, with no set-up fee!

Let's Talk About the Bonuses

As soon as you sign up to any of our newsletter packages, you get access to our member’s only area. 

Here you will find everything you need to launch and grow a successful pet business newsletter. 

The Pet Brand Playbook

Writing subject lines and email content that connect with pet owners requires understanding their needs, pain points, and interests. 

The Pet Brand Playbook will help you clearly define your ideal client which will enable you to connect on an emotional level

(Valued at $197)

The Lead Magnet Library

Establish authority in your industry with a downloadable document that contains valuable information.

A compelling lead magnet ethically entices visitors to enter their email for continued engagement in exchange for a valuable download.

(Valued at $197)

100 Subject Line Examples

Write subject lines that connect with pet owners and increase the chances of your emails being opened and acted upon.

This downloadable guide is packed with proven formulas and creative ideas to help you write subject lines that spark curiosity, build trust, and drive action.

(Valued at $47)

Intro to Email Marketing

Learn how to approach email marketing in a way that feels authentic and true to your business. 

I’ll show you how to use email marketing to strengthen that connection and build lasting relationships with your clients.

(Valued at $47)

Hey There, I'm Lesley!

I'm Here to Help You Achieve Your Dreams of a Peaceful Pet Business and Work/Life Balance

My day job is running a Dog Adventure company here in beautiful New Zealand. However, for 10 years previous, I helped business owners with their marketing.

When I first started my pet care company, due to having a background in website design and marketing, I became very busy, very quickly. Within 6 months I went from 0 clients to working 364 days a year caring for pets. This unsustainable business model went on for 6 years.

Two years ago, after burnout had started to set in, I completely overhauled my business. These holidays, I spent 10 days away camping with my children.

I’m passionate about helping you set up systems and processes so you too can make more money while working less hours in your pet business. Email marketing done right is one incredibly important step in that process.

Let me help you by creating your email content for you. I won’t tell if you don’t!

Ok Lesley, I'm In. What Happens Now?



Choose which of the packages below suit you best. We have a DIY option for pet business owners who already have a newsletter and just need content, a done-for you option and a blog content with newsletter option.



Once you have signed up you will get immediate access to the member’s area of our sister site: Pet Biz Blueprints. Here you can claim your bonuses and have access to everything you need to run a successful newsletter


Edit & Send

With every package you have the option of adding your own content, there are tutorial videos to help you with that every step of the way. Or you can leave them as is and send them out to your audience as-is. 

Still Have Questions?

We focus on creating engaging pet content that pet owners find interesting and informative. The newsletters have compelling subject lines that get your emails opened and shared. We focus on a balance of heartwarming stories, shareable pet photos together with informative articles on pet care, training, and wellness.

Yes definitely, there is a Facebook group you are welcome to join to ask the community questions or you can email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. There are also bi-weekly support meetings where you can ask any questions about anything provided here at the Pet Biz BluePrints.

There are no extra costs involved. We use MailChimp to send out your newsletters and they have a completely free version that will do the trick. A Canva Pro subscription is recommended for editing, design and stock photography but this is not essential.

Due to the digital nature of the products and the sheer volume of valuable content we provide, we are unable to provide refunds for the Pet Care Newsletter membership. Please be certain you are sure you wish to commit to the fees before you purchase. If you make a mistake please reach out on and we will help you ASAP.

The Pet Care Newsletter is a monthly membership you can cancel at any time.

You get access to the lead magnet library, the article library, the infographic library, the social media announcements and all bonuses.

You are granted a personal license to the content only. You may use the course materials for your own business newsletter. You may not use it to create newsletters for other businesses. 

As soon as you complete your purchase you will get immediate access to the Pet Care Newsletter Member’s Area.

Choose from Three Levels of Membership

We have a package to suit every level of pet business newsletter.


Do it Yourself Option
(Try Your First Month FREE!)

Already have a newsletter? Every month you’ll receive 3 professionally written articles, plus access to all the growing libraries containing everything you need to grow your subscribers.

Everything you need to DIY your newsletter:

  1. 3 professionally written articles
  2. Access to the lead magnet library
  3. Access to the infographic library
  4. Social media announcements



Done For You Option
(Try Your First Month FREE!)

We will create a beautiful brand template, then write and format your newsletter every month. You simply log in, add anything else you would like or simply click send as is. 

You receive everything in Bronze plus:

  1. Custom email template design and setup
  2. Articles added to template every month ready to send
  3. Custom lead magnet 
  4. Form installed on your website and download pages created



Custom Done for You Blog Content + Newsletter

We will write three professional articles for your industry every month. We will add the articles to your blog, optimise them for local searches and link to them from the newsletter. 

You receive everything in Silver plus:

  1. 3 professional articles custom written for your industry added to your blog each month
  2. All articles optimised to be found in local searches
  3. Articles linked to from newsletter to maximise traffic to your website


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