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Choosing Your Pet Business Brand Colours

The colours you choose to represent your business are a crucial element in your overall brand strategy.

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Choosing Your Pet Business Brand Colours

Your brand colours are the first thing potential clients are going to encounter when they  land on your website or see any of your marketing materials for the first time. Colours have the potential to elicit powerful emotions, so making the right choice is critical to your overall branding strategy.

Multiple studies have shown that consumers decide whether or not they like the look of a product in 90 seconds or less. Around 90% of that decision is based on colour alone. So you have around a minute and a half to make that all important first impression on a potential client, or they may decide your business is not for them and leave, possibly forever.

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If you haven’t had  anything to do with colour mixing since kindergarten, this video covers various marketing color psychology tips for choosing the right colors for your design. This is the best video I’ve found for spelling out the basics to give you a great foundational understanding of the power of colour in marketing.

If you’re going to DIY your pet business branding, at least a basic understanding of colour theory in marketing is going to be immensely helpful. It’s possible to go down the rabbit hole on this subject for hours (or an entire day if you’re anything like me) so here is a simple graphic (with dogs – you’re welcome) to help you understand the psychology of colour, the effect it has on us and why.

Canva Tools for Choosing Your Brand Colours

Defining Your Ideal Pet Business Client

In order to attract the ideal clients you most want to work with, you first need to know who they are. If you need help defining your ideal pet business client to make it easier to attract them, I recommend downloading our free guidebook here.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the effect that colour has on your visitors, you will find it much easier to choose colours to attract them.

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